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Creative Christmas Tree Ideas | Interior

Before it gets a little quieter on Wild Hearts + Green Tea for the holidays, I'd like to share a collection of creative Christmas trees. A couple of years ago I found myself Christmas tree-less and went ahead and wrapped an easel with garland, turning the whole thing into the cutest and most charming Christmas tree I'd ever had. Ever since I've been pretty fond of quirky and untraditional tree ideas like these. Happy holidays.

What do you think - find a favorite one?

My In-Flight Pet Peeves | Travel

I'll be heading overseas for the holidays and came to think of flying and planes and how it's generally a decent experience for me - I manage to eat, sleep, and endure long flights just fine. I might even enjoy it. However, I do have my pet peeves while onboard:

1. The sleep seat
The window seat is crucial for me for the sole purpose of having a solid place to rest my head and sleep somewhat “decent" on that many-hours flight. But man, is it a pain when you need the ladies' room. I don’t mind literally climbing over the person I’m traveling with to get out but it’s bothering the sleeping stranger in the outer seat I’m not keen on.

2. The person in front of you
That keep their reading light or display on the entire ten-hour flight, even when they’re soundly asleep. Or that don’t switch their seat to an upright position when the meals come. Or that places their pillow in the gap between the armrest and the wall; because every single time in my life that pillow will fall out on the other side behind them and they'll keep putting it there even when you've handed it back to them four times.

3. The creep behind you
It’s either a string of poor luck on my part or just my naturally attracting the oddsies. Let me know if you relate (we could have some serious bonding.) It’s a wonder how I always end up sitting close to a creeper (pretty much anywhere in life) and look up to see them staring at me from between the seats. On my last flight the guy behind me had his face squeezed between my seat and the window and oh so casually observed me over my shoulder.

4. The leg cramps
I keep recommending people to bend their legs and rest their feet on or inside the magazine flap in front of them, to which my friends reply, “That’s a great idea… if you’re small enough to do so.” So I shouldn’t be complaining, but something I don’t comprehend is why there isn't a function to adjust the foot rest high enough to be able to rest your calves on them and have some sense of leg elevation and relief?

5. In-flight mingling
I totally get why people want to talk to the person in the neighboring seat, especially if you’re traveling on your own. It’s nice to have some company, but the last thing I want to be doing is be forced to make polite small talk with a stranger, who’s four inches away from my face, for hours, with ten people around that can’t help but listen in. Man, I have my headphones on for a reason.

6. Lights on for breakfast
When you finally, joyfully manage to doze off into deep sleep and the harsh lights turn on to announce breakfast. It's as unpleasant and spiteful every time.

Please tell me you also have some in-flight pet peeves?

Homemade Chai + Citrus Tea | Recipe

With my failed attempts of enjoying homemade chai lattes, I've been trying to incorporate chai spices into other beverages; the fave has been my Chai-Spiced Banana Smoothie. But I was eventually looking for a hot alternative of a chai drink to keep me warm, and ended up boiling a slightly more festive version of a plain chai tea. This homemade chai and citrus tea is the perfect combo of spices, zesty-ness, and a hint of honey sweetness.

Keeping Up With Blogs & Link Love

3 reasons I'm not a trooper at keeping up with blogs:

Bookmarks. I'm being extremely old-school and still do the bookmarking thing. Just me?! I strongly prefer collecting all websites I've saved in one place where I can sort them out (rather than scattered about on different services) and that happens to be my trusted bookmarks folders.

Reading. I really enjoy checking out blogs every now and then (opposed to daily) and have lots of reading material at once to enjoy over a cup of tea. I've unconsciously divided sites into different categories, some I drop by whenever I think of them, others may be weekly or even monthly. I love the scrolling.

Notifications. I'm ridiculous about keeping up with notifications; for example, I need to keep my email inboxes spotless, which, means reading everything as soon as possible and clearing it out. I can't stand that indicator stating I have unread emails. That's why being prompted of new blog posts and not reading everything in timely fashion would stress me the Falafel out.

Link Love:
Here are a few lovely blogs/ladies if you're looking for more reads this winter!

+ Hanh shares awesome lifestyle tips as well as beauty recommendations
+ I've been enjoying Jenn's Vancouver days and look forward to her book club
+ Helen's 'Kindness Counts' posts always move me and put a smile on my face
+ I've been loving Lauren's 'Ingredient Spotlight' on matcha and her gift guides
+ Sara never fails to put together cute and fun fashion and book inspiration
+ For the foodie, you can't miss Lucy's all-around food-loving blog

How well do you keep up with blogs?

6 Tips to Be More Comfortable By Yourself

Today's technology makes it much harder distinguishing being 'by yourself' from being 'alone.' We're wrapped up in always staying "connected" that when we aren't, we feel lonely. So we stay connected all the time. And we rarely ever experience the sense of our presence on its own.
I know many who can’t have coffee by themselves or go shopping by themselves. Let alone without hugging their phones. There will be moments in life when we feel truly alone and can’t handle it, but these shouldn’t be them. I want to be able to "disconnect" and bear being in my own presence, even enjoy it.

These are 6 tips I find to be good starters for learning to be more comfortable in one's own company:

1. Go to a café or coffee shop
Going into a restaurant and asking for a table for one is daunting, but cafés and coffee shops are smaller, more low-profile, and buzzing. Order a hot beverage of choice and take a cozy corner seat where you can indulge yourself in some reading material, or choose the optimal window seat and people-watch.

2. Walking & exploring
Take a long walk - around your neighborhood and discover lunch spots or bars you didn’t know of. Go to parks, markets, along the water, down shopping streets. Explore parts of town you’re unfamiliar with. Hop on the train and just ride to the final stop - take a look around, have a drink or a bite to eat, and ride all the way back.

3. Bookstores & libraries
Are the best places to spend an excessive amount of time by yourself, walking around in circles, looking at things for ages, or gathering a number of books and just planting yourself in one spot to read. The ones with coffee shops are winners. And doing some writing: journaling, storytelling, or self-reflecting is a good one, too.

4. Activity at home
There’s nothing like putting together a couple of IKEA furniture all on your own (even though the manual claims it requires double manpower. A poor idea on larger projects, but a great-feeling accomplishment, nonetheless.) Organize, sort, clean out, re-arrange, reinvent. Do some baking, manicuring, workout. Be in your own zone.

5. Silence & noise
Even if you’re completely fine being by yourself, it’s not a lot of fun being alone in eerie silence (of course, sometimes it’s the best thing. Not the eerie part.) Many go for having the TV on throughout the day at home and finding comfort in voices, but relying on the company of a TV is something I'm not too keen on, either. I find music to be a great option.

6. A night away
I've spent a couple of nights away by myself and been, more or less, completely "disconnected" from the outside world. It was surprisingly challenging - even though I deal with being on my own without the aid of phones or Internet really well -  but a greatly liberating experience.

Are you comfortable being by yourself?

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