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Am I the only one who finds bathrooms oddly calming? I assume it has to do with the fact that it's associated with water. I light candles and listen to music even when I'm just taking a shower but since I've only ever lived with tiny bathrooms I've never had the whole experience where you tiptoe around on heated floors in a silky bathrobe after a relaxing bath and get ready for the evening (the image above looks absolutely ideal for that dream scenario of mine!) For a bathroom I love subway tiles, marble, wooden details, and a beautiful vanity and have stumbled upon a lot of gorgeous bathrooms interiors lately:

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What style of bathrooms do you prefer?
Dim and cozy or light and airy?

5 Ways to Be Inspired For Blog Post Ideas

1. What is my blog all about, what’s the essence of it?
From day one I’ve strived for Wild Hearts & Green Tea to feel like a calm oasis in a bustling city where you can head off to with a cup of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate and unwind, have a heart-to-heart, and feel good. This is what I keep in mind when I create the content for my blog because that’s what I want at the end of the day. I feel that my recipe, beauty, and interior inspiration posts are my “unwind content” and the lifestyle tips and self-improvement posts are my “heart-to-heart content” for example. Let yourself be inspired by the soul of your blog. Ask yourself: what kind of feeling or energy am I looking to project and produce?

2. What kind of content do I enjoy?
Create the kind of content you would want to read. Do I enjoy what I’m creating or writing about? Most of us started our blog to express ourselves, our creativity, our passions; and perhaps connect with like-minded people that share the same interests. So we should always start and base content on what we enjoy and go from there. When I first began my interior inspiration posts, I didn’t feel that they were as enjoyable for other people as they were for me, but home interior and decor are one of my passions and to stop posting those would be like taking away one of the handful of reasons I started Wild Hearts & Green Tea, which wouldn't make this space true to me. (And believe it or not, they are one of the posts that take most work for me!)

3. What interesting thoughts or conversations have I had?
All of my text-heavy posts are inspired by something I’ve been thinking about a lot or an interesting conversation I’ve had. What discussions did you and your girlfriends have over wine last week? What did you and your partner talk about the other day stuck in traffic jam? Thoughts about life, love, dreams, and everything in between are perpetually on rotation in my head and I believe everyone has a rotation of topics they often find themselves thinking about; you just have to pick one and elaborate it. Be inspired by what’s going on in your life. I wrote ’How to De-Stress & Refresh’ because I was feeling stressed, ‘Signs When to Cut Ties with a Friend’ because I’d just learned from it, and ‘Quick Ways to Feel Better’ because I was feeling down that day. Everyday insights or solutions are brilliant ways to inspire blog posts.

4. What have I been diggin’ lately?
Think about everything you've been enjoying lately, anything can trigger a good blog post. Cooked a killer meal, read a good book, loved a beauty product, had a fun day out? Favorites, recommendations, reviews, lists, and recap posts are great go-tos if you're feeling uninspired. Draw inspiration from your day-to-day life, pay attention to the little things and you'll see opportunity (or postportunity...) everywhere. Was that cheesy? Probably. I've never written a post just because, everything has stemmed from something, whether it's something I've thought about, experienced, done, or loved. Simple things like that can be turned into an idea. Ask yourself: what have I been liking lately, what have I experienced, what have I loved?

5. Brainstorm & write by hand
Have a brainstorming session; put some time aside, sit down, and give your full attention to it. A crucial part of the session for me is that I’m using pen and paper to do this. When you’re writing on your phone or laptop it’s too easy to just close down the document if you’re feeling discouraged or unhappy with what you’re trying to formulate, delete, and forget about it. I’ve killed so many ideas this way. However, when you’re sitting there with a notepad in front of you and a pen in your hand, you're more attentive and what you write is more intentional. Takes more effort. You can’t just press a button to delete your words and give up as easily, might as well use up the page now that you’ve started writing on it, and that usually turns into something. I sit down for 10-15 minutes and list as many ideas I can think of, no matter how big or small and let them inspire more ideas.


How do you get inspired for blog posts?

Healthy Refreshing Green & Purple Smoothie | Recipe

I'm trying to get into making green smoothies more because spinach in a smoothie is basically tasteless so it's wonderful if you don't necessarily enjoy eating them otherwise. However, if you've made your own green smoothie at home you know that if you stray too far from a "basic" concoction the color is either a hit or miss and you'll end up with a brownish blend half the time (which I really can't enjoy.) I played around and made two incredibly tasty and refreshing blends including spinach (nice colors, too) and wanted to share them with you:

△ The ingredients!


*large glass

☻ 1/2 frozen banana
☻ 1/2 cup frozen mango
☻ 1 cup oat milk
☻ 1 cup spinach

Blend until smooth and enjoy the green goodness!


*large glass

☻ 1 frozen banana
☻ 1/2 cup blueberry
☻ 3/4 cup coconut water
☻ 1 cup spinach

Blend until smooth and enjoy the purple goodness!

How to De-Stress & Refresh in 7 Little Ways

The breezes outside feel fresher and more alive than ever in early spring - something as simple as opening a window and inhaling crisp, revitalizing air can make a world of a difference. It's the quickest way to clear your head if you don't have the option of actually going outside. Same goes for a tall glass of water, seriously. If you're rolling your eyes, I'm with you, I don't necessarily enjoy water but as someone who gets reoccurring headaches, which is often caused by dehydration (and stress), I've found that water is much more than this plain, tasteless liquid. Its health benefits exceeds just drinking it. We seem to naturally seek out water when we need to clear our heads, minds, and hearts. A view of the sea, the sound of rainfall, a bath, or even just a shower can ease that stress - I like to imagine toxic just rinsing off of me. It's calming, refreshing, and strangely effective.

When we get stuck on a task, it's most effective moving on to something else. That's how I view stress. The worst thing is being "stuck" in a stressful state of mind, so I like removing myself. If I'm feeling stressed out somewhere the solution can be as simple and little as looking out the window, going into another room, or taking a walk someplace (even if it's to the copy machine or water dispenser.) At my former workplace the water dispenser was located on the other end of the floor which, I originally, found to be a long walk for one small glass of water, but it ended up being a blessing. It meant I got to get away from the spot I was normally contained to and get a change of environment and energy if only for a minute, and if only to get water. The littlest change in energy and environment has a refreshing effect on our wellbeing.

I’ve never been able to make working out work. I do some yoga and Pilates, take long walks, and have a little hike when I can but usually it’s not enough. I can't for the life in me find gyms or workout classes the least appealing. For anyone out there who feels the same way and have had difficulty making it a part of your routine; girl, we’re in the same boat and the answer is: stretch a lot. Do it however you want, whenever you want - just do it. If you’ve been sitting in the office all morning, take five minutes and stretch. Waiting for the water to boil, stretch. Waiting for the microwave, stretch. Waiting for the hair treatment to set in, stretch. Commercial break, stretch. Whenever I have a little window in my day where I’m uselessly “waiting” for something, I stretch and sometimes throw in some yoga or Pilates moves for good measure. I always feel refreshed enough to clear away some stress after a little stretch.

I’m a hugger. I love giving hugs - unexpected ones, awkwardly long ones, slightly suffocating ones, koala ones. You name it. I mean, if there was a Best Hugger Award I'd probably be nominated. And apparently, hugging is the fastest way to release oxytocin in your body (also known as the "love hormone") which boosts positive, feel-good emotions such as happiness, joy, and belonging - it improves our mood, lowers blood pressure, and reduces stress! According to studies, a 4-second hug with someone will strengthen your bond, and a 10-second hug a day will lead to significant health improvements such as lowering the risk of heart disease, easing depression, and fighting infections. And how easy isn't it to just grab a family member, friend, or partner and hug them?

Be kind to yourself and listen to your body, take care of your eyes and mind. I read an article that suggested that for every hour you spend looking at your phone or computer, look away for ten minutes. To me, ten minutes sounds awfully little, therefore, absolutely doable. Whenever you feel that dark cloud of stress creeping up on you, give yourself a break. Stop what you're doing for a bit. We're far too hard on ourselves and often forget to listen to our bodies. A nice 20-minute nap can be miraculous; it cures headaches, the blues, stress. As does a proper night's sleep. I've done the whole going-to-bed-at-5-AM thing and it's certainly nothing that will benefit your health and wellbeing in the long run. Even in the short run. When you're tired you're so prone to stress and irritation. Always rest when you need to, just close your eyes a little.

Is there a better stress reliever than that? One of my most significant memories of how laughter can lift such weight from your shoulders was when a co-worker I hardly knew pulled a "prank" on me (just a simple spur of the moment joke) on a day I felt on the verge of a breakdown due to stress and exhaustion. I, unexpectedly, burst out laughing and could literally feel the toxic of everything that'd been building up that day and the entire week just seep away from me, I instantly felt lighter and happier. Speaking to my best friend always makes me laugh, watching funny videos on YouTube (I'm a sucker for random, hilarious interviews,) and my recent favorite has been watching Jimmy Fallon play fun games with guests (here's a playlist of that on YouTube) which has me laughing so much.

I love my playlists and create new ones every so often, depending on my current favorite songs, mood, and state of mind. The one playlist I play most, by far, is my morning playlist which is basically calm, easy, and relaxing music. I listen to it when getting ready in the morning, when commuting to work, when cooking, even at bedtime (if not most then.) Some of my favorite artists on there are James Bay, Kodaline, Measure, Cider Sky, and A Fine Frenzy. You can check out my Spotify here and below is the playlist with over 120 calm and easy songs. Here are the first five songs on YouTube: Oblivion, Collide, Next to You, Let it Go, I Need You.


What is something you do to de-stress?
Do you have a calming song to recommend?

11 Useful & Fun Lifestyle Apps (All Free)

How well do you sleep? Place your phone next to your pillow and turn on the app, it’ll track your body movements throughout the night and generate a report on your sleep efficiency (the amount you’re awake, in light sleep, and deep sleep.) The best feature is the smart alarm, it’ll wake you up during the shallowest stage in your sleep. Say, you set your alarm at 06:30, depending on the app you can decide on an x minute window prior where the app has freedom to wake you up when it's easiest. This is so useful if you have a hard time getting up in the morning or are traveling and switching time zones.

I've been using both apps every other night as I can't seem to decide on them. I prefer Sleep Better's stylish and calming appearance, the neat statistics, and overall simplicity. But there are a lot of restrictions, such as a locked 30-minute "waking window" on the free version, and few (not very ideal) alarm tones to choose from. With Sleep Meister you have less restrictions and more features in general, you can alter the waking window from 10-30 minutes, and add music from your phone as the alarm. However, I find that the graph and data is fussier in comparison. Find Sleep Better on iTunes / Google and Sleep Meister on iTunes.

Sleep Better, Sleep Meister, Sunrise & Fall

Want to know what song is playing? I hear songs I like all the time when I'm out at coffee shops, at a store, or simply when watching a tv-show. With this app you just open it, press record, and it'll find the song title and artist. Just make sure the music is clear and it's not too noisy where you are. It's also supposed to work when you sing, hum, or even whistle a song. Find on iTunes / Google.

A minimalistic light app. Why do I need an app for this? Well, because of the strobe function. I wish I could say I use it at raves and parties, but in reality, I use it when it's dark out and someone can't find me. It's effective at nighttime when your friend can't see you in the parking lot, etc. Just follow the strobe. Speed and brightness are adjustable so it's not too crazy for the eyes. Find on iTunes.

Ever wondered when the sun actually rises or sets? I've always found it oddly interesting and useful knowing when it turns light in the morning and when darkness sets in the evening, especially when the seasons change and the time the sun rises/sets change dramatically over a short period. It's also practical when you need to plan something around daylight. Find on iTunes.

Most practical and simple way to scan a document without a scanner. Take a picture of the document in front of you, the app will automatically align the shot to match the edges of the paper (you can adjust it yourself, too.) Turn the image to black and white to resemble an actual scanned document or leave it and just save it on your phone, tablet, or email somewhere. Find on iTunes / Google.

The Hunt, Currency Converter Plus, My Cycles

See a picture of an outfit or garment you like but don't know where to find? Create an account on the app, upload the image there, and other members will help you find where you can buy it or something similar. In my experience, the majority of "hunts" that are started will receive "finds." It's a fun time-killer to look for items for other people, too, as well as gather inspiration. Find on iTunes / Google.

A currency converter resembling the calculator app by Apple, so it’s sleek and familiar. You just choose the currencies you want to convert from the list and you’re good to go, it’ll efficiently convert as you're typing something in. You can also see when the rates were last updated and update on demand, and even set a custom rate if you wish. Super useful when you’re traveling. Find on iTunes.

For all the dreamers out there. A dream interpretation app in simple a-z dictionary style. Looking up the meaning of my dreams has been a fun thing I’ve done for years because I dream a lot of bizarre dreams that relate to my emotions and waking life. Between the cultural and religious interpretations, I find that this app has the most common and general meanings stored. Find on iTunes / Google.

For the ladies, a period tracker. I've used a few period apps but have found most of them to be too fussy or cluttered. I just want something minimalistic and slick, that's simple to understand and use, and easy to edit. This app ticks all of the boxes. You can change the theme of the app to your liking, enable a passcode if you want, and it looks discreet from the outside. Find on iTunes / Google.

Have your files wherever you go. Install the app, save a file there, and have access to it on any device where the app is downloaded. Save, share, edit. Easy-peasy. Find on iTunes / Google.


What are some of your favorite useful lifestyle apps? Do recommend!

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