Apple & Coconut: Super Sweet Bites | Recipe

When I'm craving something super sweet, either candy or chocolate will do the trick. I'm always looking for healthier substitutes to quench that sweet-craving and there are a ton of healthy treats and snacks that you can make; definitely check out my homemade cranberry & almond chocolate or cacao energy bites if you're craving something chocolate-y! If not, you should try these apple and coconut bites - they're quick and easy, and the dates and apple make this a seriously sweet treat (I'd literally just have one a day and that'd be enough):

7 Summer Hair Product Must-Haves | Beauty

During the winter months I just strive to keep my hair alive and not breaking off. Now that summer's here and everything's blooming, I don't mind spending more time on it... finding the right products, styling it, maintaining it. I like for my hair to feel healthy when you run your fingers through it, be soft, and smell delicious, so that's been the goal. I've loved focusing on my hair rather than my makeup, which, I keep as natural as possible in the summertime. These are seven of my summer hair product must-haves:

'Eden' Sugar Melon & Honeysuckle, Batiste Dry Shampoo. I have been wanting to switch up my dry shampoo and spread my wings as I find that the Batiste dry shampoos make my hair a little too gritty, as great as they are, but I couldn't help myself when I came across a scent I hadn't tried that sounded this dreamy. And guys, it is freaking dreamy. I like a scent that isn't overpowering or in your face, the 'Cherry' scent is my nightmare, to give you an idea of what I don't like. 'Eden' smells like a beautiful summer afternoon. It's a slightly warmer scent with a hint of sweetness, really think sugar melon - lightly sweet, it's so suitable and wonderful for the summertime (and limited edition.)

Curl Definition + Soft Feel Serum, Aussie. This is rapidly making its way to my holy grails. It's a dual personality serum which defines curls as well as deeply conditioning your hair. I started using this to give life to my second- or third-day curls (I believe the product is primarily meant for naturally curly hair but I use it whenever I've curled my straight hair, and it's awesome) and instantly witnessed how it returned that springiness to strands. I wasn't too interested in the soft-feel side of the product as I already used hair oils, but man, my hair is the softest it's ever been with this. I kid you not. I haven't touched hair oils since noticing this. If I've used this on my hair for a few days it's the silkiest thing ever. And it smells incredible, a scent that I can't put my finger on, but it's addictive (would've been perfect as a shower gel or candle.)

New York & Rio, COLAB Dry Shampoo. These are a great alternative for a lighter dry shampoo if you don't struggle with heavy oils and just want a nice product to "touch up" your second-day hair and freshen it a bit - perfect for summer. I don't feel the powder in my hair and the scents are pleasant. I got these in travel sizes to bring with me this summer as I rarely reach for a heavier dry shampoo on vacation. 'New York' is a fruity fragrance with apple and melon (probably my fave of the two,) and 'Rio' is a tropical fragrance with papaya and pineapple.

I've never used a shampoo or conditioner that I've loved, or that I've genuinely noticed did anything extensive to my hair. Just nada. I usually grab whatever at the store and that's it, so imagine my utter surprise when trying these out and feeling the difference on my hair as soon as it started air-drying, after the very first wash. First thing's first, all of these smell great, super yummy-smelling as you would expect and as the name suggests. I was happiest about the 'coconut milk' one since the scent is so pleasantly authentic to coconut. What I've never experienced with any other shampoo or conditioner is how much fuller my hair felt right away, not necessarily in a volumizing way, but stronger and so much healthier, as well as amazingly clean and fresh. I've already stocked up and can't see myself using anything else for a while. (And, you can't tell, but the bottles are pretty huge in real life which is a big plus.)


What's your must-have hair product for summer?
Do recommend!

39 Things That's Made Me Happy Lately | Summer

How do you start a blog post after a two months blogging hiatus?!

Maybe with a question. Where the heck have I been? It all started after this post. I went away for a few days and when I got back I wasn't quite the same - I felt so revitalized, so refreshed, and kick-assy. In order words, I totally lost my blog focus (but totally gained life focus.) You know that concentration you need to read a book, otherwise the words just won't register in your brain? A lot like that but in a I-can't-sit-down-and-write-a-blog-post-because-I-don't-want-to-sit-down way. Honestly, I almost believed I wouldn't be writing another blog post again and thought about bidding farewell to Wild Hearts & Green Tea. I was that out of it. 

So, thank you. So very much. For sticking around, checking in, leaving comments, and being wonderful. And for those who have written me to see if I'm okay - you guys are the best.

Here are 39 things that's made me very happy lately:

1. Getting to know people you could've missed out on so easily

2. Iced tea

3. Hanging out by the water for hours on end

4. Saying yes more and just “going for it”

5. Anything and everything natural

6. Wavy hair

7. Never running out of things to discuss or laugh about with friends

8. Summer sale - I’ve been shopping like a maniac

9. New cities

10. Feeling wild and free

11. Sour cream & onion chips

12. Nikes - what I’ve found to be the comfiest shoes on the planet

13. Baby pink lip shades

14. Nice cream (how to make nice cream?)

15. T-shirt maxi dresses with cool cutouts or slits

16. Hugging someone that hugs like you do

17. Litte, delicate gold jewelry

18. Having sushi with your best friend

19. Smiling strangers, smiling to strangers

20. Packing skills

21. That perfect medium-sized bag for a day out

22. Second chances, when things work out better the second time around

23. Café-hopping

24. Airplanes & airports

25. Bardot-style tops, I don’t think it gets more feminine or summer-y

26. ‘Do You Remember’ - obsessed with this song

27. Stick-on bras

28. Long walks admiring lush trees and blooming parks

29. Starry skies

30. Not doing anything

31. Lemonade

32. Petrichor; the smell after it’s rained

33. Golden highlighter doubling as eyeshadow

34. Duster coats

35. ‘Cinderella

36. Opening the windows at night

37. Having fun while exercising

38. Palm leaf prints

39. The fact that I finally came around to writing another blog post (sorry)


What are 3 things that's made you happy lately?

Koh Tao, Thailand | Travel Photo Diary

Because I've been so off my game (and still am) I thought I'd take a peek into my travel photo archives and share another past travel! This time the destination is Koh Tao (or Ko Tao) which translates to "Turtle Island" and is located in Thailand. I've been here a few times in my lifetime and it's the perfect island if you're looking for a relaxed and low-key place where you can just chill about, hang out at beach bars, and ride around on motorbikes. Hope you enjoy:

△ This is not an unusual sight.

△ Lookout point from a hilltop bar.

△ #nofilter

△ Having breakfast with this view.

△ Plenty of spots like this.

 The harbor.

△ Cruisin' between islands.

Fresh coconut water for everyone.

△ I mean, come on!

More: travel

Let me know what you think!
Have you been to an island in Thailand?

Home Decor Details | Interior Inspiration

 While I love beautiful interior design, my heart is really with the little details and decor of a home. Anything from a neat little coffee table and a cool lamp to trays, vases, and frames. I like seeing that personal touch in a home and how that makes a space true to that individual. My eyes automatically search for the little things to learn about a person and that can be as simple as what someone have on their dresser, where they put a plant, or what kind of pillows they have on the sofa. Do you relate?

△ 2 & 3 source: # #
△ 4 & 5 source: # #
 △ 6 & 7 source: # # ph: frida ramstedt
△ 8 & 9 source: # #
△ 10 & 11 source: # #
△ 12 & 13 source: # # ph: nicole franzen
 △ 14 & 15 source: # #
△ 16 & 17 source: # #
 △ 18 & 19 source: # #
 △ 20 & 21 source: # #
△ 22 & 23 source: # ph: frida ramstedt #
△ 24 & 25 source: # #
 △ 26 & 27 source: # #
 △ 28 & 29 source: # #
△ 30 & 31 source: # #

What's your favorite kind of detail or decor in a home?

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