Current Favorite TV-Shows to Watch

TV-shows are my guilty pleasure (though, I can’t say I feel particularly guilty about it.) I’m a sucker for a good drama and have a reputation for getting way invested. Those shocking, heartbreaking scenes? Gold. My strict criteria for what shows I choose to watch is as simple as: an entertaining storyline + eye candy. This explains why I don’t watch a lot of popular shows, either the guy’s there but the plot’s boring the hell out of me or the other way other. These are my favorite shows at the moment:

The son of a billionaire returns home after five years stranded on a hellish island, as an archer, determined to set things right in his city. And he’s badass. There are a bunch of equally badass women in it as well. It’s a fast-paced show based on the comics with memorable characters, great actors, and lots of action. The first season was so-so for me but it has since really picked up and is going strong. Currently season 3. Trailer here. Worth checking out: yes.

Hart of Dixie
A New York doctor moves to a small town in Alabama and gets caught up in the antics of the charismatic people of Bluebell. It’s an easy-going, fun, and lovable show that always brings a smile to my face. The perfect show to catch up on a Sunday. Now, if this doesn’t interest you: Rachel Bilson plays the doctor, and she does it perfectly, endearingly, and oh so humorously. Currently season 4. Trailer here. Worth checking out: yes.

How to Get Away with Murder
“A group of ambitious law students and their brilliant criminal defense professor become involved in a twisted murder plot that promises to change the course of their lives.” - IMdb. The show has had a fantastic start. And damn, it’s a good show. A well thought-out and intense mystery, filmed in intriguing flashbacks and flash-forwards. Currently season 1. Trailer here. Worth checking out: absolutely.

Once Upon a Time
I’m sure most have heard of this show by now. For fans of fairytales and magic, to watch with the family, or simply for ogling a mighty fine Captain Hook. There’s always something new and unexpected, and a good amount of entertainment. A fun fact is that the actors playing Snow White and Prince Charming are nowadays married and with a child. I mean, if that doesn’t convince you… Currently season 4. Trailer here. Worth checking out: yes.

Follows a genius college-dropout that ends up working for one of the most powerful law firms and their hotshot attorneys, but hiding the problematic secret of not actually having a law degree. Very impressive plot, solid characters, and awesomely talented actors. Legal shows are not usually my cup of tea but this one is extremely well done and completely engrossing. Currently season 4. Trailer here. Worth checking out: absolutely. 

“Chronicles the rise to power of Mary Queen of Scots when she arrives in France as a 15-year-old, betrothed to Prince Francis.” - IMdb. It’s very much a sexy drama with dark and supernatural elements, more so than a period show. I’m completely hooked on it and its actors (Adelaide Kane is absolutely killing it as Queen Mary), and surprisingly, the modernized fashion. Currently season 2. Trailer here. Worth checking out: yes.

My number one reason for loving this show is the fiercely strong, skilled, and smart female lead. Emily Thorne/VanCamp completely runs the show. Set in The Hamptons, she seeks revenge on those who framed her father for a crime he didn’t commit. We’re talking a lot of plotting and characters you’ll love and despise. It’s a very dramatic show with quite unbelievable events and twists but I must say they’ve done a great job at it. Currently season 4. Trailer here. Worth checking out: absolutely.

The Vampire Diaries
Vampires, love triangles, and a girl who’s always in distress? That’s the show in a nutshell. I started watching TVD when it was heading on to its third season so I got to binge-watch two seasons straight which ended up being very addictive. Six seasons in and it's been all over the place - I’m just going with it by now. And to settle the whole Damon/Stefan debate - hands down, Stefan. Trailer here. Worth checking out: well, sure.

If you watch any of these: who's your fave character? If not, what's your favorite show?

Neat & Simple Workspace | Interior Inspiration

source, ph: danielle moss

I don't doubt that I'll go a little overboard if I ever have my own (home) office - we're talking the entire Muji acrylic desk storage collection, pretty pastel stationery on display, and golden monogrammed everything. Though, as long as my home area is limited and forces my workspace to be in the middle of my living space, the neater the better. Here are a sixteen simple workspaces:

△  2, 3, 4, 5 source: #. ph: line thit klein, # , # , #. ph kimberly chau
△  6, 7, 8, 9 source: # ph: manolo yllera, #, #. ph: kristofer johnson, #. ph: james stokes
△  10, 11, 12, 13 source: #, #, ##. ph: derek swalwell
△  14, 15, 16 source: #, #, #

Where do you work best in your home? Desk, kitchen, bed, couch?

Ginger + Sea Buckthorn Smoothie | Recipe

I've been trying to make a friend of ginger - putting a slice or so of fresh ginger in my tea happened about once and it was not a favorite. Surprisingly enough, adding it to my smoothie has been. I really enjoy how the taste is somewhat subdued by the other ingredients but still very obviously there. Along the same lines, sea buckthorns haven't been easy to work with but together they made a good blend and a great start to the day.

14 Ways to Boost & Maintain Self-Confidence

1. Choose the best light
Everything I believe about myself and am confident about on good days, I can feel the polar opposite about on bad days. What changed? Was there actually a shift in how strong, intelligent, or funny I was from one day to another? No. Nothing's changed, except for the filter I've chosen to see myself in. I make sure to always remember what I see and think when I view myself in the best light, and thus, the bad days are just bad days and less likely to mess with your head.

2. Find empowerment around you
You know when you're metaphorically struck by something that makes you feel like you're invincible? I collect that - in quotes, music, thoughts, and mantras. Empowering songs such as "Girl on Fire," “Who You Are,” “Titanium,” “Fighter,” “Stronger,” and “Revolution” are golden for those low moments. Or even this epic instrumental remix from ‘Inception’ (put on your headphones and wait for the drop at 1:27 and you’ll know what I mean.)

3. Give yourself a pep talk
We need it just as much as our girlfriends calling us up to motivate them prior to an exam, a job interview, or a date. It's certainly hard to be silencing your own uncertainties and listening to your own advice, and sometimes you just need to be pep talking yourself as a coach would to a boxer about to enter the ring and fight. Telling myself I can "'effing do this" is not an unusual way of a pep talk for me and it's proven fairly efficient.

4. The bird's view
Often when we feel a dip in self-confidence it's due to a situation we're in and that we're (obviously) experiencing subjectively and personally - therefore don't view or judge clearly. In these cases I've made it a habit to zoom out that lens into a bird's view, detach myself and gaze back from faraway with fresh and objective eyes. It puts everything in perspective and reminds you of what it is that really matters there and then.

5 Days in Myanmar | Travel

I spent the last of 2014 and the beginning of 2015 in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma.) I've always been most at home in urban cities with endless skyscrapers and buzzing lights, however, I'm discovering a silent part of me that comes alive when I'm exploring historic sites, hidden trails, and wild nature.

Myanmar presented us with fascinating pagodas and peaceful views, cold mornings (about -10ºC/14ºF) and expectantly hot afternoons, dusty roads with limited stoplights and refreshing breezes when you most need it. We traveled between the cities of Mandalay, Bagan, and Yangon and this is a collection of photos I took in the span of five days:

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